PR and word of mouth key to ‘cool’ brand discovery

More people hear about a “cool brand” via word of mouth than advertising, according to new research.

Recommendations led 53% of people to discover such brands, says the Metro newspaper which asked 3,000 of its 18-44 year old professional, city dwelling readers.

Meanwhile almost 40% or respondents say they discover ’cool’ brands via advertising and promotions, 59% via editorial and reviews and 44% “on their own.”

Only 13% say they discovered brands via celebrity endorsement.

A brand can stay cool no matter how old it is as long as it stays relevant to modern lives and avoids getting “arrogant ” and commissioning “bad advertising campaigns.”

The Metro A-List survey was conducted with over 3,000 members on Metro’s online research panel, Urban Life. All Urban Life members are aged 18-44, in full time work and are regular readers of Metro.


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