PR can take the lead

Clearly, the rise of social media plays to PR agencies’ natural strength because we have always traded on dialogue and brand conversations.
Yet Michael Nutley appears skeptical about PR agencies’ claims to a seat at the top table in the ’strategic space’ in digital marketing (MW 7 October).

While he has a point, whoever told him this change is “an impressively fast turnaround for what [is] a very conservative industry” is a clever clogs.

I have rarely heard PR labelled “conservative”. And even if it were, surely that would not disqualify it from a seat at most client’s top tables.

No, there are more important issues here. If PR professionals want to be taken seriously as a digital strategic force (not just tactical and stunt-driven), we do need to raise our game.

We need to invest in serious data systems and hire more respected strategists. Crucially, we need to demonstrate how our social media skills can monetise – not merely aggrandise – for our clients.

Martin Loat
Propeller PR


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