PR marketing too good to miss

Event organisers spend a lot of money on marketing their exhibitions (MW May 1), and as your article pointed out, PR agencies can often be the most cost-effective marketing method for ensuring high attendance. But it is a shame that exhibitors are not using PR agencies in the same way to increase their own profile at exhibitions.

Prior to the event, PR agencies are able to make close contact with previewing publications on behalf of their clients, and an editorial entry into a key publication that is promoting the show can greatly enhance stand footfall.

Press coverage can also be generated through proactive tracking and engagement of journalists at exhibitions. There is always a community of press walking the floor of an exhibition hall looking to gain a snapshot of the industry. PR agencies can set up on-stand press briefings for clients, presenting an opportunity to interact with journalists about new products and services. Simply putting a press pack in the press office and leaving it to chance is just not acceptable.

Exhibitions can be a fantastic way to gain sales leads, and it is important to exploit this opportunity by ensuring that the prospects you are speaking to at the show will remember your company through coverage in the press.

Maximising your profile at exhibitions is only one part of a sustained PR programme. There are many more elements within the marketing mix where PR support can provide better value for the money you are already spending.

Bob Dearsley


The itpr Group



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