Prais has a one-way meal ticket

Having mingled with the best of them, the Diary is not easily impressed with displays of affluence by those in the marketing industry. But even the Diary takes its hat off to David Prais, former European marketing manager at PC maker Gateway 2000, who has a new job at the US headquarters.

Apparently, Prais was a little peeved at the prospect of a move to the Gateway building, which is located next to a cattle ranch in North Sioux City. It was not the thought of spending his days among the herds – it was that he would no longer be able to make his usual weekend stop at the swanky Roux Brothers restaurant.

The Diary can only assume most of Prais’ weekends were taken up sampling the Roux menu, as he has arranged for the brothers to send his food mail order. Ready-made suppers will be vacuum-packed, frozen and shipped to his bachelor pad. The Diary hopes Prais will be able to use his influence as easily if his supper gets stuck in one of Sioux City’s frequent postal strikes.


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