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Bullseye: Behavioural data is key
Bullseye: Behavioural data is key

Reading the innovation update on online targeting (Digital Strategy, 20 January), it’s clear that evolving technologies are bringing a new era of targeting.

But while the feature touched on the developments of traditional behavioural targeting and retargeting, it failed to fully communicate the whole picture.

For instance, behavioural advertising is today able to offer much more than just click data or performance-oriented solutions. This is because it is able to enrich surf behaviour with consumer survey data.

So rather than making guesses about a target group, businesses can enhance click-behaviour data with product interest, lifestyle and socio-demographic information, such as gender, age, income and education. Also, being able to predict not only the type of product a particular consumer group might be interested in, but also their perception and relationship with that brand is particularly useful when trying to target hard-to-reach audiences.

Karim H. Attia
Chief business development


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