Pregnant nun ice cream ad sparks complaints

The Advertising Standards Authority has received a stream of complaints about an ad for Italian ice cream company Antonio Federici featuring a pregnant nun.

Antonio Federici icecream ad  featuring a pregnant nun
Antonio Federici icecream ad featuring a pregnant nun

The watchdog has received about 40 complaints about the ad, which is running in Grazia and The Lady magazines. Complainants say the ad, which shows a heavily pregnant nun eating a tub of ice cream with the strapline Immaculately Conceived, is offensive to Christians because it mocks the birth of Jesus. An immediate investigation has been launched., Antonio Federici creative director Matt O’Connor has defended the ad and says it is an “intelligent, challenging and iconoclastic piece of advertising”.

The ad is the latest in the company’s controversial “Ice cream is our religion” campaign.

Last year the ASA banned an ad by the company which showed a nun and a half-naked priest about to kiss after

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