Digital Shift, a quarterly service from Econsultancy, is intended as a guide to support strategic thinking. Focused tightly on digital technologies, marketing and ecommerce, Digital Shift delivers actionable insight on trends that will be significant in the short- to mid-term, and can be used to generate new ideas, improve business performance and stay ahead of the competition.

The latest instalment in this series, available as a presentation and an on-demand webinar recording, covers:

  • Generative AI: With ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 leading a roster of new AI tools that can generate creative content, what are the implications and techniques that will really matter for marketing?
  • Virtual influencers: As the realism and sophistication of virtual avatars improves exponentially, could the industry be approaching a real inflection point?
  • Live commerce latest: In this challenging but rapidly evolving space, what are the latest innovations from the big retail players, and how is TikTok planning to re-enter the fray?
  • NFT innovation: Known initially for proving ownership of digital art, how is the crypto market evolving towards more pragmatic use cases for NFTs?