Marketing Week brings you The State of Marketing Careers in 2022.

Written using exclusive data from Marketing Week’s 25th Career and Salary Survey, the biggest and broadest of its kind in the UK, this report offers agenda-setting intelligence underpinned by exclusive data and interviews with some of the biggest names in marketing.

You will find essential insight into how business sees marketing’s role post-pandemic; skills gaps and how brands are bridging them; how marketing teams are being structured and to what effect; how to retain and nurture increasingly expectant staff and what marketers want from work in 2022 and beyond.

Not to mention who is paid what and why that matters.

Each chapter addresses the latest and greatest challenges and discussions in marketing careers:

  • Marketing asserts its strategic power
  • Addressing the skills gap
  • The changing face of teams
  • Marketing pay revealed
  • Exposing the pay gaps
  • Marketing’s ‘Great Resignation’
  • Exploring the future workplace