Preschool titles from use CBeebies characters

BBC Magazines is launching a monthly preschool title under the CBeebies brand.

Special: Magazines offer free gifts
Special: Magazines offer free gifts

Each edition of the new CBeebies Specials magazine will include a free gift and sticker set, focusing on characters or themes from BBC Children’s programmes.

The first edition, featuring characters from the animated CBeebies 3rd & Bird series, is released on 28 October priced at £3.50. It includes a character playset and singalong DVD.

The second issue will feature Wibbly Pig and a soft toy of the character from the new series.

CBeebies Specials will be promoted in supermarkets and convenience stores, with promotional bays in Tesco stores and shelf-fin markers in WH Smith high street stores.

Press ads in other CBeebies titles such as CBeebies Weekly, CBeebies, Art and Toybox are also running to promote the launch.

Pauline Cooke, publisher of BBC preschool magazines, says: “The extensive choice of programming on CBeebies is fantastic and CBeebies Special will allow us to keep up with the continually changing trends in the preschool market. By highlighting new and popular brands in this premium format, we will be constantly refreshing the market and bringing new fans to the category.


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