Press ads `not hit’ by bulk deals

National newspaper bulk sales are not undermining advertiser value, according to agencies that have seen the national press’ bulk sales figures for the first time.

New ABC regulations mean that national newspapers have to reveal the number of copies they sell in bulk deals to organisations, which then give them away free to readers.

The Daily Telegraph and Express Newspapers make the most use of bulk sales, although no one newspaper’s bulks were higher than four per cent of its total circulation.

The Daily Star’s bulks make up 3.2 per cent of its circulation, the highest percentage in the market. The Daily Telegraph has the highest total number of bulk sales at 25,400 – distributed through deals with Forte Hotels and British Rail.

Telegraph marketing director David Pugh says the newspaper’s bulks are directed at its target readership and are a way of offering trials of the newspaper.

The figures need not worry advertisers, says O&M Media press buying manager Helena Hudson.

“They are surprisingly whiter than white. There will be no change in negotiations,” she says.


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