Price isn’t the only promotion

Your sales promotion feature (MW 21 October) says the Institute of Promotional Marketing believes “sales promotions provide short-term uplifts, but can be hugely damaging to brand values in the longer term.”

I’m afraid this mis-states our position. It’s price promotions that we have an issue with, not sales promotions. Our belief, supported by solid evidence, is that while price promotions may be beneficial in the short term, in the medium- to long-term, relying on too many price promotions damages brand values.

Clive MishonChairman, The Institute of Promotional Marketing


Mark Ritson: Gullwings land Mercedes in lap of luxury

Mark Ritson

I was busted last week. The missus caught me, bang to rights, checking out the most gorgeous figure I’d ever laid eyes on. She had a stunning profile and the kind of derriere that makes men go weak at the knees. She was German, of course – it was unmistakably part of her feline assurance as she passed me.


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