Print ads are most effective for retailers

Print advertising is the most effective medium for retailers, followed by outdoor and television, it has emerged.

Waitrose Essentials campaign

A study by BrandScience carried out for the Outdoor Advertising Association (OAA) has found that the return on investment for newspaper and magazine advertising is higher than that for TV and outdoor advertising.

For every £1 spent on press ads, retailers see a sales increase of £6.23, compared with £3.57 return from every £1 spent on TV and outdoor ads.

The study also revealed that the campaign effectiveness is improved when other mediums are used with outdoor ads.

The OAA claims that press campaigns when print campaigns are combined with outdoor ads, the ROI improves by 34%, and TV is 40% more effective if combined with outdoor.

The OAA says that retailers including Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and Morrisons are increasing their spend on outdoor advertising and the medium saw a 12% increase in investment between January to June this year


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