Profero picked for sexual health campaign

The Department of Health (DH) and the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) have appointed Profero to lead the digital activity for a new approach to tackling teenage pregnancy and sexual health.

Teenage pregnancy

The DH and DCSF recently reviewed the strategy for promoting sexual health and recommended evolving the way campaigns are used. The review findings suggested that better communication between individuals and different audience groups is vital in bringing about safer sexual attitudes and behaviours.

This will involve engaging a broader audience of parents, teachers, young people and health care professionals.

Profero to won the assignment after a five-way pitch handled by COI. It will handle the creative development for a national campaign to help reduce teenage pregnancy; improve sexual health in young people and raise awareness of the range of contraceptive choices available.

COI says that the agency proposed a variety of digital media ideas such as using online drama, social media, mobile, and display ads.

The campaign will be devised to stimulate debate about sex within the target audience and to open up conversation about sex and to promote good sexual health.

Naked was recently reappointed to develop strategy and agencies have yet to be appointed to handle the offline marketing

The campaign is expected to launch at the end of October 2009.


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