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Michele Witthaus is quite right to point out that concern over confidentiality can sometimes mean that clients feel they must choose between expertise and exclusivity when selecting call centres “Brief Encounter” (MW April 17).

In reality, however, there is no such division. Managing a campaign to meet all client objectives – including confidentiality – is part of developing expertise; to suggest that a call centre can have expertise and compromise confidentiality is contradictory.

Essentially, the article is talking about the need for professional ism at every level, including op erators, supervisors and account managers.

Rather than be concerned about exclusivity, clients should focus more on the quality and calibre of staff employed in a call centre, and the systems and structures put in place to support any campaign.

Exclusivity deals will mean that everyone is extremely clear about boundaries and are a good way of ensuring a mutual understanding; but they are no substitution for professionalism.

Bernard Stott






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