Promotion not over until winner has enjoyed prize

Travel promotions remain popular with consumers as many continue to feel the pinch and are having to save hard to be able to afford the annual holiday. Brands can tap into this by running promotions that capture the consumer’s imagination, create awareness, reinforce brand values and provide an important opportunity to collect accurate data.

However, while an amazing travel prize will get consumers talking, brands that neglect to put in place comprehensive arrangements for looking after their winners do so at their cost.

A promotional prize that is handled incorrectly can leave a lasting bad impression and blacken a brand’s reputation not only in the eyes of the individual prizewinner, but among consumers at large if there is negative publicity in the media, not to mention on social media channels.

All brands would do well to remember that the promotion is not over until the winner has enjoyed the prize and only has positive comments to make about it.

Graham Howarth Director, Protravel



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