Proof we can exceed the bog-standard

I’ve always enjoyed Iain Murray’s column and was delighted that his first advertising deconstruction (MW October 23) featured American Airlines’ current campaign.

However, what Murray sees as a small advantage in the extra legroom we have onboard our transatlantic fleet, our customers see as a huge

benefit. Regular research among our passengers shows that we deliver a relaxing atmosphere onboard, cocooning the passenger from the chaos of life on the ground.

Murray questions whether one of our seats can really offer as much room as a whole loo, so we conducted a small survey into the size of the toilet facilities at our offices. We found that they actually offer slightly less room than even our economy seats. So the great British loo, synonymous as a place to relax and retreat, can actually be less spacious than one of American Airlines’ seats.

Kim De Paolis

Marketing communications manager, Europe

American Airlines




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