PruHealth rebrand incorporates Prudence

Prudential is rebranding its healthcare joint venture PruHealth to include its iconic brand character Prudence (pictured) for the first time. It says that it wants to focus on the Pru’s dual heritage of trust and innovation in financial services.

Private medical insurance provider PruHealth, which is a joint venture between Prudential in the UK and Discovery in South Africa, says that the move to include Prudence in its branding aligns it more closely with the masterbrand.

The Prudence character was created by Wally Olins in 1986 in an attempt to move the assurance company away from its “Man from the Pru” work. However, in 1994 the icon was phased out in favour of a return to the “Man from the Pru” advertising, which featured its then-chief executive Sir Peter Davis. Prudence is now featured across its marketing communications activity.


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