Psion recruits Microsoft marketer

Psion, the handheld computer group, has hired former Microsoft marketer Alistair Seton-Marsden as marketing director to replace Paul Lubbock.

Seton-Marsden, who will take up his new role next month, will report to Psion sales director Mark Edwards.

Seton-Marsden’s role will be slightly different to Lubbock’s, who worked under the title of marketing communications director while at the company.

A Psion spokesman says Seton-Marsden will continue Lubbock’s work, overseeing the traditional marketing disciplines such as advertising and design. But he will also look to forge closer ties with the company’s sales and product development teams.

The Psion spokesman declines to comment further on the appointment. It is understood that Lubbock is considering job opportunities with a number of parties.

Seton-Marsden’s appointment comes at a time of uncertainty at Psion.

David Levin, the company’s recently appointed chief executive, is looking to move Psion away from its reliance on computers and software and towards Internet-based services.

Psion announced this week that it had teamed up with Internet service provider LineOne, a joint venture between BT and United News & Media, as the first step in Levin’s programme.

Psion’s handheld computer devices will offer Internet access as a result of the deal.


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