Pub TV won’t be hard to swallow

Translucis welcomes the discussion raised in your news analysis on our new plasma screen-based system that will allow brand owners to reach 18to 24-year-olds in bars, clubs and pubs (MW November 16).

Please do, however, reassure your anonymous contributor that we will not be “bombarding” him with messages “while enjoying a quiet pint” (MW November 23). We shall be single-mindedly targeting young people in the type of venue where our tests are showing that the atmosphere can be enhanced by the screens and their content.

Quiet pints tend not to be on their agenda.

Furthermore, the content will be, as David Jones of Scottish Courage suggests it should, handled with great sensitivity, by blending commercial messages with other visually appealing material geared to the style (and mood) of the outlet.

To the consumer, Translucis is first and foremost an entertainment system. We believe it will become all the more attractive and entertaining as brand owners and their agencies come to appreciate its creative potential, together with the ability to reach a well targeted audience in their favourite environment. Sue Aitken

Media director


London W1R


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