Public concern over product placement still remains

One in four people are “concerned” that product placement will be allowed on UK television at the end of this month, according to exclusive research for Marketing Week.


A fifth of people also say they find product placement in a film or TV programme distracting, with the same amount saying it would have a negative impact on their enjoyment of programmes.

However, the study, conducted by Lightspeed Research, did find that 13% of people would still be more likely to buy a product if seen as part of a programme.

According to separate Nielsen research into viewers’ attitudes about product placement in US programmes screened in the UK, over a quarter of UK viewers who remembered the products featured said it improved their opinion of the brand.

Product placement will be allowed in UK TV programmes from 28 February. Broadcasters must by law display the new “P” logo devised by Ofcom for three seconds at the start and end of programmes and after any advertising breaks when any brands have paid to be featured.



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