Public muddled over new Euro rail services

Eurostar and Le Shuttle are not getting their message across. Most people do not know Euro-star is the passenger service and Le Shuttle is for cars and vans.

The confusion over branding is reported in an independent survey by the NOP Research Group. Only 23 per cent of people surveyed correctly named Eurostar as the passenger service, with 28 per cent naming other brands and 49 per cent not knowing.

Awareness of Le Shuttle is even lower, with only 13 per cent of people naming it as the vehicle service, 19 per cent naming other brands and 68 per cent completely unaware.

Men were more informed than women, as were those who have travelled to Europe in the past five years. Awareness decreases in the North where only ten per cent knew what Le Shuttle was and 14 per cent knew the nature of Eurostar.

Eurostar, which introduced a service to Manchester and the West Midlands on 29 May, is this week starting a connection from Edinburgh to London Waterloo.


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