Puma lets fans turn words into dance moves

Puma is tapping into urban youth culture to promote its new fragrance range after launching an interactive messaging platform where fans can compose messages through dance moves.


The Dance Dictionary gives users the chance to create more than 10,000 different phrases using a series of pre-defined words and dance moves. For instance, the word “heart” shows a dancer making a beating shape with their hands, while the word “with” shows them making a circular motion with both their hands.

Users can change specific words within 11 basic sentences to create their own personalised messages which can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and by email.

The sportswear maker drafted in street dance choreographer Super Dave who worked with 25 of the world’s best freestylers to create the dance moves. It claims the platform, created in partnership with creative agency Grey London, could help budding dancers “learn how to freestyle” as well as serve as an ongoing communications platform after the campaign ends.

Puma also commissioned record label Mixpak Records and dancehall artist Dre Skull to produce a track – titled ‘First Time’ – for the campaign.

The platform is supporting the launch of Puma’s latest Sync fragrance range with P&G. Puma’s use of dancehall music sees the brand exploit its long-running ties to Jamaican sport and the country’s creative scene in a bid to highlight the youth appeal of its latest brand.

The company has previously used brand ambassador Usain Bolt, who’s multi-million deal runs until the end of 2013, to promote its fragrances after switching from using music-inspired strategies in 2010.



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Ronan Shields

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