Puma marketing sparks Locog enquiry

Marketing activity for Puma, a non-sponsor of this year’s Games, is being investigated by Olympic chiefs over concerns it may have broken restrictions put in place to protect the sporting event’s sponsors by using terms such as “Games” and “gold medal.”


Locog is investigating whether a press release for Puma Yard, a summer experiential push, is in breach of regulations that have been set up to protect sponsors such as Adidas and Coca-Cola exclusive rights.

It is thought that the Puma Yard event will not breach any restrictions and that the issue is solely with the wording used in the press release.

While the release says the event will “celebrate the global sporting event taking place this July and August, it uses words closely associated with the tournament including “Games”, “Olympic” and “gold medal.”

Locog says they are aware of the press release and their legal teams are looking into whether it is in breach of exclusivity rights of sponsors.

Puma, which sponsors three time Olympic gold medal winner Usain Bolt, will host the event for 17 days during the Games as part of a wider summer marketing drive to boost its ties to the Jamaican track and field team.  

Puma were unavailable at the time this story went to press.


Russell Parsons

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