Purity takes to Segways for meeting

PurityThe thought of an “agency update meeting” is normally greeted with groans of boredom. So, to combat this, Rob Gray, managing partner of Purity, organised his agency’s June meeting around a Segway Rally.

Gray bussed his employees out to his Hertfordshire home in his famous orange campervan (MW August 21, 2006), where they split into four teams for the rally round a forest-based course.

The deliberate lack of rules and inevitable competitive nature of the race meant that only joint creative director Maris Silis emerged unscathed. And that was because he spent the event safely behind the camera.

As if there wasn’t already enough scope for injury, the Purity-ites then embarked on a Segway driving test – wearing blindfolds. All survived and returned to the woods for a calming barbeque.


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