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  1. Elle 3 Feb 2015

    The amount of information or feedback that you can gather
    about your company via social media is exponential. Social media delivers first
    hand experiences from customers and clients who take the time to express their
    opinions on whatever it is a company is doing. Companies no longer have
    complete control of their audiences due to the power of word of mouth. I am a
    student right now studying communications. I whole heartedly agree with this
    articles take on the importance of crisis control. Is there a department within
    most companies that deals with this need for “crisis” response. Or is this
    something angencies need to build on? You cannot control what people say on
    social media. However, being able to respond to these social media crisis
    effectively can confirm how stable a company is in their message and salvage
    any negativity that word of mouth can produce.

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