Put the sea back in senior citizen

At a time when many companies are finally waking up to the spending power of senior citizens and doing all they can to court the grey pound, the one place in the UK synonymous with the elderly is doing the exact opposite, and trying to shed its wrinkly image.

Eastbourne Tourism is rolling out the second phase of its “Change Your View” campaign, which challenges holidaymakers’ pre-conceptions about the resort in a series of posters throughout London. In the posters, words normally associated with the elderly are printed over more youthful activities, so, for instance, “rollers” means rollerblading, “wind” means windsurfing and – well, you get the idea.

But the Diary reckons this is a little unfair on the more mature members of society, and feels the blue-rinse brigade shouldn’t take this lying down – or having a nice nap, as the case may be.

The Saga surfers should show Eastbourne Tourism what it can do with its campaign by taking a (very slow) stand and relocating to a resort associated with the younger elements of society.

So when the first Gala Bingo opens in Ibiza and Manumission lays off its DJs to cope with the demand for tea dances, all while Eastbourne struggles to control its invasion of hoodies and chavs, the Diary will look forward to Eastbourne Tourism’s “Actually, maybe you elderly people aren’t so bad. Please come back” campaign.


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