Putting noble back into marketing

Hats off to Unilever, which has gone against the grain to call for a much-needed overhaul of the nature of the marketing profession (MWlinks.co.uk/Unilever Noble).

I wholeheartedly agree that the current fabric of marketing is based on price alone and the weave now needs to reflect the increasing appetite of consumers for value added extras.

Marketing has a role to play in improving lives, not just make a throwaway quick-win promotion that remains detached from consumers’ needs. I stand by Mathieu’s call to breathe new life into marketing so that brands stand up for consumers’ values, not just value.

Elly Woolston
United marketing agency


I cheered when I read that Unilever wants to make marketing “noble” again. For years too many companies and brands have focused narrowly on promoting their products’ rational benefits.

Research by us reflects this shift in focus and shows that people want ‘good’ businesses in their lives.

Nowadays a great brand has to deliver functionally, emotionally, and ethically, and marketers need to act accordingly. So it’s good to see Unilever going back to its philanthropic roots and rejoining the cause.

Hamish Pringle
Strategic advisor to 23red and co-author of Brand Spirit


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