Putting the boot into Pitcher

I write, as I’m sure many others will do, in reference to George Pitcher’s article in the April 11 issue.

I would like to ask the inestimable Mr. Pitcher if he considers the original deal struck between Carlton/Granada’s ITV Digital and the Nationwide League to have been good business for either party?

From the perspective of the chairmen of the Nationwide League clubs, it was clearly good business to generate the largest possible revenue from the arrangement.

However, I doubt whether it was quite as good business practice for Carlton/Granada to offer vastly over-inflated amounts of money for a product that was so obviously incapable of being “leveraged for a growth potential”.

Bone-headed club management in the Football League? In this case, the bone-headed boot is, I suggest, clearly on the other foot.

Perhaps, if Mr. Pitcher spent less time defending his oh-so-precious media chums, he could find the time to construct an argument with a little more strength and substance than a certain Mr. David Beckham’s left foot.

Gareth Rule


North Yorkshire


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