Q&A: Charlotte Harper, marketing director, Zoopla Property Group

Zoopla Property Group’s marketing director tells Marketing Week why now is the right time for the brand to embark on a big advertising campaign. 

Marketing Week (MW): You have just embarked on a big advertising campaign for Zoopla. Why was the time right to make this investment now?

Charlotte Harper (CH): We have continually invested in growing our brand awareness over the past few years and have increased this from under 25 per cent to more than 70 per cent over three years. Our research indicates that the number of people looking to transact in the property market over the next 12 months is at the highest levels since we started measuring it. So with a projected increase in market activity and our aspiration to be the go-to destination for property search and research we are continuing to invest to that end.

MW: As a nationwide brand, what differences do you see geographically and how does this affect your marketing approach?

CH: While market performance may differ from region to region at different times, consumers across the UK generally need the same core information, regardless of location, in order to help them make better-informed property decisions. So our tone doesn’t need to change, however the level of investment we make at any time may vary according to region.

MW: As PrimeLocation is focused on middle and upper tier properties how does the marketing strategy differ from Zoopla?

CH: We approach PrimeLocation with a very different core target audience in mind and therefore with a completely different media strategy than for Zoopla. We try to continually communicate with this target audience through upmarket TV, cinema and radio stations. Zoopla operates around more regimented and seasonal campaign bursts to a different, more mainstream target audience.



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