Mini’s top marketer on content, product development and “super-clear” new logo

Marc Lenning Mini

Marc Lengning, head of brand management, Mini

Q: What is the thinking behind Mini’s new logo?

Mini has undergone a brand refresh including a new logo. The point about the new logo is that it’s super-clear and authentic. It’s not faked 3D [any more]; it’s 2D, so very clean. It is also really important for us, as we go more and more digital, to have a logo that works well on all digital gadgets, including mobile, where the logo shrinks.

Mini logo

The new logo has the big advantage that even if it’s small, it is still super-clear and recognisable.

Q: How are you using digital channels in marketing?

With digital channels we are very much focused on content. In the past, everyone was keen to talk about platforms – that’s important but our big focus is on telling stories. For this campaign [for the relaunched Clubman model] we are using a lot of great video content that tells the story.

Also, Mini has always offered lots of options [for customers] to customise and configure the cars so we are always improving website configuration to support that.

Q: How involved is your marketing department in product development?

Our marketing department and  product development sit next to each other [in our office]. We do brand management, so we are the guys who envision the brand and the next generation of products and then the product guys tell us what’s possible, and so it goes back and forth.

Sometimes they come first with the ideas from the technical side, sometimes we come from a brand perspective or customer-side. It’s continuous.



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