Q&A: Michael Magee, Vice-president of marketing, Mars Chocolate UK

Mars Chocolate UK’s vice-president of marketing, Michael Magee, talks us through the thinking behind bringing back an old Galaxy slogan.

Marketing Week (MW): Why has Galaxy brought back the slogan, ‘Why have cotton when you can have silk?’

Michael Magee (MM): We have launched a new campaign featuring Audrey Hepburn. We felt the campaign presented by the Galaxy team internally and the agency was a real fit and when we did our research it resonated with consumers because it was something that many of them still remembered.


MW: But what about your customers who aren’t aware of the old slogan?

MM: It will appeal to them equally strongly because it’s telling a truth about the brand. The advertising story is as relevant to the new consumer as one who has been familiar with the brand for a long time.

MW: In times of recession and where marketing spend is tight, is it easier to go with creative that you know has worked in the past?

MM: If a proportion of people are already remembering a tagline or idea that expresses your brand, you don’t have to create something new. You could say that it would cost more to create something new but if you’re hooking onto something someone already remembers, it’s very powerful.

MW: Is there less risk involved in reusing ideas?

MM: On the one hand there is a familiarity but on the other hand there is a risk in reusing a creative idea and what it represents. While our campaign draws on the old, it is cutting-edge in terms of the digital technology. We’ve never used a digital ‘double’ [for Hepburn] before or had to create a totally new story using old footage.

MW: Could it be seen as too safe an approach to go back to old creative?

MM: It could be seen that way but it’s more about whether it’s right for your brand. If it’s right then it makes sense to do it. Our current strapline is doing that because it’s telling the story that people already know.



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