Q&A Unicef director of brand Jane Cooper

Ahead of her presentation at Marketing Week Live this week, Jane Cooper, Unicef director of brand, highlights the rules of corporate and charity sector partnerships.


Marketing Week (MW): How do you define the value of a business/charity partnership for each party?

Jane Cooper (JC): We work with businesses identifying, designing and implementing partnerships that build on the shared value between us, to improve the lives of children across the world. Each of UNICEF’s partnerships has bespoke performance indicators for both parties, focused on mutual benefit. We work with companies that have a shared agenda and we strive to make the best use of each organisation’s strategic strengths.  

MW: What have been some of your most successful recent corporate partnerships and why?

JC: The most successful partnerships are those where there is a clear strategic fit with the business for example our partnership with Proctor & Gamble is now in its eighth year and has helped eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus in ten countries, through the purchase of Pampers nappies featuring the one pack = one vaccine campaign.

MW: What role does technology play?

JC: Over the next three years in rural Western Uganda we are working with Barclays to set up 50 youth resource centres, which have connected solar powered computer kiosks. These enable young people to develop their small business plans online and offer them a route out of unemployment. Developments in technology can play an important part in empowering children and young people worldwide.

MW: What are the do’s and don’ts of charity and brand partnerships?

JC: Good communication is absolutely essential. At the very outset, key performance targets need to be agreed and both parties should share all opportunities and challenges. Don’t expect results instantly, building relationships and programmes takes time.

Marketing Week Live takes place at London Olympia on June 26 and 27. It is free to attend and Adrian will be presenting in the Customer Loyalty Zone. Register and find full programme details here