Quaker Oats expands Oat So Simple range

Quaker Oats, the PepsiCo-owned porridge brand, is expanding its Oat So Simple range with indulgence and children’s products.


Its aim is to broaden the Quaker brand’s reach by attracting more consumers to its ’healthy breakfast’ positioning and introducing additional eating occasions.

The Indulgent range, for example, introduces flavours developed to encourage “indulgent moments” for adults, such as afternoon coffee breaks.

Its children’s porridge range Paw Ridge has also been rebranded under the Oat So Simple umbrella. Patrick Kalotis, group marketing director for Quaker and Tropicana, says this is to leverage consumer awareness of the parent brand.

Kalotis says: “At PepsiCo, cereals and juices are squarely focused on the health agenda and so Oat So Simple is still positioned to deliver a healthy breakfast or snack with whole oats.

“In the long term, we aim to bring in younger consumers in bigger numbers and introduce new occasions for the brand, such as an afternoon snack.”

Quaker says sales of its hot cereals increased 13% in the year, with Oat So Simple reporting 30% year-on-year growth. The brand holds a 58.5% share of the hot cereals market and a 7% share of the overall cereals market.

Quaker will continue with its strategy of range expansions such as indulgence and children’s products in order to double its sales every five years.


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