Quarter of consumers want brand information via Facebook

Almost a quarter of consumers would prefer to receive information from a brand through Facebook rather than its website, according to research by digital consultancy Beyond.

Of the 2,500 people the agency surveyed in the US and UK, 46% follow one or more brands through a social network, with 23% saying Facebook is where they’d like to receive information from a company or brand, the same proportion that preferred direct mail and ahead of a company’s own website (21%) or a company blog (3%).

Half of respondents said they follow a company on a social network to receive special offers or discounts, while 34% do so for the love of the product, 27% to receive news and 12% to gain better customer service.

Nearly two-thirds (60%) of consumers said that negative opinion on social media had changed their minds about buying a product or service,

Just 6% feel that companies are responsive to online complaints, against 34% that feel they’re unresponsive.

According to Beyond MD EMEA Nick Rappolt, this shows there’s a need for greater CRM and for customer service teams to engage more in social networks.

“Our research indicates that digital marketing requires a much more integrated strategy that runs across the entire company, from sales through tocustomer service. It requires a convergence of thinking and an approach to deal with user-generated content,” he said.

This story first appeared on newmediaage.co.uk


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