Quarter of radio listening now via digital devices

Rajars: The share of radio listening via digital platforms has increased by a fifth in the past year to 24%, according to the latest Rajar results.

Digital Radio
Digital Radio

The results found DAB was still the most popular digital listening platform, while the internet saw the biggest yearly increase.

DAB now accounts for 15.1% of all radio listening (up 20%), followed by digital TV with 4% (up 19%) and the internet with 2.9% (up 29%).

Digital listening has also increased its reach, with 19.7m people listening via a digital device each week, up 15% in the past year.

Listening to the radio via mobile devices has remained steady, at 12.6% of adults in Q1 2010. According to Rajar, younger people are more likely to access radio in this way, as 30.4% of 15-24-year-olds have listened to the radio via their mobile phone.

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