Quiet Storm to highlight exploitation of trafficked women

Quiet Storm has won the advertising account for human rights action group The Helen Bamber Foundation without a pitch. The first work will break later this week.

The campaign, called Lost in F**king Transition, aims to highlight the cruelty and exploitation suffered by illegally trafficked women who are shipped to the UK to work as sex slaves. Actress Emma Thompson stars in the campaign, which has been made with The Body Shop.

The ads focus on the high number of foreign prostitutes in London. It claims that one in four prostitutes in the capital were from outside the UK ten years ago, but that this is now three out of four.

The campaign includes a cinema ad and a hard-hitting viral campaign, which shows Thompson on a bed, in two perspectives, with a graphic shot from the view of an assailant.

During the ad, she recounts two sets of memories: those of Elena, a young women hoping to learn English and become a nurse, and those of Maria, a prostitute who is often forced into as many as 40 sex acts a day. As the film ends, Thompson reveals Maria and Elena are the same – a before and after snapshot of a life destroyed. It ends with the strapline “Trafficking is torture”.

The cinema execution shows how foreign women are not allowed to integrate with society and are only able to communicate what they hear during their entrapment, so can only express themselves by using shocking and degrading language.


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