Quit launches viral campaign

The stop smoking charity Quit is launching a viral campaign to encourage smokers to call its QuitLine service.

Quit campaign

The charity hopes to raise awareness about lung health and drive smokers to call the charity’s counselling and support helpline.

The campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi X will be spearheaded by three 15-second animated films which go live on 11 February.

The films depict darkly comic animations of “loony lungs” willingly putting themselves into increasingly dangerous situations.

They will supported by an experiential campaign which will see the “Loony Lungs” appear in pubs and cafes around the UK and near London Underground stations.

The campaign uses humour to highlight the futility of smoking and the damage that it does to your lungs.

Quit is using the shopper marketing agency’s insights into consumer behaviour to remove barriers to encourage smokers to Quit by overcoming these.

Steve Crone, chief executive of Quit, says: “This campaign has a serious message. One person in seven is affected by lung disease in the UK. Early prevention and diagnosis can really save lives.”

Saatchi & Saatchi X creative director, Ant Melder adds: “In our work with Quit, we’ve found that a lecturing approach is easy for smokers to ignore. For this campaign, we’ve used dark humour to grab their attention while still keeping an extremely serious message at the core of the communication.”

The campaign was illustrated by Karen Cheung at animation house, Jelly.


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