Quorn set to partner with LTA to target health-conscious consumers

Quorn will push its positioning as a “healthy protein” through a long-term partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association as it looks to target health-conscious consumers who are already leading an active lifestyle.

Last year, the brand partnered with Mo Farah as part of an effort to reposition as a healthy plant-based protein option suitable for everyone rather than strictly vegetarians.

Now, Quorn is looking to reach a group it calls “Healthy Actives”, people who are already healthy eaters and exercise regularly but are not necessarily looking to lose weight, through a long-term partnership with the LTA.

Peter Harrison, marketing director of Quorn Foods, told Marketing Week: “The partnership is a way to bring the idea of meat-free to people who have already started to think about having an active lifestyle and eating healthily.”

While details of the tie-up are yet to be confirmed, the deal could include activity similar to that of existing LTA partner Highland Spring. The water brand supports junior tennis through the sponsorship, supported by on-pack promotions.

Harrison says the LTA initiative will be supported by a packaging redesign hitting markets early this year that will place a greater focus on the food.

He also says consumers can expect new products such as ready meals as well as a revamp of existing products including burgers and sausages.

“The main thing we’re trying to drive that’s slightly different is a taste focus and more food values through what we do and what we show,” Harrison says. “Moving forward, it will be about the great food you can make using our core products, such as chilli and stir fry.”

Moving further into 2015, Harrison says the majority of Quorn’s activity will support its snacking range in order to get more people to try the brand.

Ultimately, Quorn is looking to push the benefits of eating less meat to the public, including carbon and sustainability impacts.

“It’s hard to change habits, and in the food arena people change slowly,” Harrison says. “We need to give people great tasting food to make it an easy change for them.

“We really believe that in the long term, we need to find a way to get more people to try a meat-free diet.”



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Rosie Baker

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