RAB to focus on digital with relaunch

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) is relaunching with an increased focus on developing radio in the digital age as well as boosting advertising revenue and growing UK commercial radio.

The RAB, which is part of the new radio industry body, RadioCentre, will now have the mission statement “activating radio in the digital age”.

The relaunch of the RAB, which was announced this morning, follows its merger with the Commercial Radio Companies Association last July (MW February 2). The move followed a decline in radio’s share of advertising and loss of audience to a resurgent BBC.

Other plans announced as part of the relaunch include a RadioCentre Certificate of Excellence for new media planners and buyers, a Radio and iPod Study, will look at the effect of iPods and hard disc players on listening patterns, and RAB Effectiveness Tracker, which will improve understanding on return on investment.

It also launched Radio 3.0, which will look at radio in the digital age and develop new insight into listening and new opportunities for brands to get involved.

Radio chief executive Andrew Harrison says: “There is no doubt that the RAB did a sterling job helping lift radio during the 1990s but the marketplace has changed in 15 years and that’s why we need a new RAB to shape and the lead the industry for the next 15 years.”

Last week, the RA announced the appointment of Simon Redican, a former head of sales at Classic FM, as managing director. He joins from Times Newspapers, where he was director of strategy and business development.


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