RAC’s drink is caught napping

I have just read your article about the drink that the RAC is launching to help tired drivers, RAC 124 (MW July 26).

At the end of the article, an RAC spokeswoman says that “a tired driver should stop and drink either RAC 124 or two cups of coffee, followed by a short nap”.

What is the point of drinking that much caffeine, which I presume is intended to keep you awake at the wheel, if you are supposed to take a nap afterwards – assuming of course that it’s possible to get to sleep after such a high caffeine intake?

And if you are supposed to take a nap, what is the point in drinking this drink, surely a nap alone will relieve tiredness without having to take caffeine beforehand?

The RAC should think about what it is trying to achieve with this drink and whether it alone serves the purpose for which it is intended.

Hannah Jones



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