Radio ads boost browsing, study says

Radio advertising leads to an instant increase in online brand browsing, according to a study.

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) research into how offline media affects browsing behaviour found that consumers are 52% more likely to browse for a brand online after exposure to a radio campaign.

The study, which compared the internet browsing patterns of those exposed to the radio campaigns and those who were not, also found that radio advertising generated a quick response with 58% of the browsing stimulated by radio takes place in 24 hours of exposure to advertising.

Simon Redican, managing director of the RAB, says: “The internet has become an incredibly important interface for customer marketing but the problem is that it also allows access to all your rival’s brands which means the key challenge is to ensure that customers seek out your brand specifically – marketers are increasingly turning to offline media to direct consumers to their brands online.”

The RAB analysed 23 brand campaigns. The campaigns in the study were for brands from the travel, telecoms, automotive, retail and insurance sectors.



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