Radio Advertising Bureau launches ad campaign

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) is launching a new radio advertising campaign targeting advertisers and media buyers and highlighting the benefits of advertising on radio.

Vicki Butler-Henderson
Vicki Butler-Henderson

The campaign promotes the headline findings of the RAB’s latest research project, the Online Multiplier, which shows that radio advertising can boost brand browsing by up to 52%.

Two commercials have been written and produced by Eardrum and voiced by Vicki-Butler Henderson (pictured) of Channel 5’s Fifth Gear. Henderson tells listeners that “radio turbo charges your brand and drives listeners online”.

The campaign will run nationally across the majority of commercial radio stations.

RAB managing director Simon Redican says: “Since we launched the Online Multiplier research earlier this year, we’ve had great feedback from advertisers and agencies that we have presented the results to; we wanted to get the message out to a wider audience that allocating just 10% of media budget to radio can boost brand browsing by 52%.”

The RAB’s Online Multiplier research compared the internet browsing patterns of those exposed to the radio campaigns and those who were not. It found that consumers are 52% more likely to browse for a brand online after exposure to a radio campaign; radio advertising also generated a quick response with 58% of the browsing stimulated by radio taking place within 24 hours of exposure to advertising.


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