RadioCentre launches commercial radio online player

RadioCentre, the commercial radio industry body, has launched an online radio player that will allow users to access commercial radio stations from one central website. It aims to “showcase UK radio stations” while also offering access to stations around the world.

The RadioCentrePlayer will also offer a search engine, a graphic user interface with that will allow users to create playlists, presets and save their histories and a link to each station website.

The body hopes that the player will become a “desktop standard for all those with an interest in UK radio”. It has been designed by US-based Ressen Design and can be used with Microsoft Windows and MAC OS.

Andrew Harrison, chief executive of RadioCentre, says: “The RadioCentrePlayer makes it easy for marketers, media agencies, city analysts and industry stakeholders to access online the full range of UK commercial radio stations available on the internet.”


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