RadioCentre says BBC fails to recognise radio’s true public value potential

RadioCentre, the industry body for commercial radio, has responded to the BBC Trust’s consultation on the proposals contained in its Strategy Review arguing that it fails to recognise its true public value potential.

The body says that these failings are a missed opportunity to reshape the BBC’s portfolio of radio services in the interests of listeners.

RadioCentre published its finding in two new reports into the future of BBC Radio, “Putting Listeners First: the BBC’s Responsibility to Radio” and “BBC Radio – A Review.”

It argues that the BBC’s management’s proposals specific to radio reveal a lack of ambition for public service radio broadcasting and amount to little more than a protection of the status quo.

Instead, the RadioCentre report proposes an alternative strategic vision for BBC Radio, encouraging it to recognise its much wider responsibility to the future of radio provision, particularly the provision of greater public value, through five key recommendations:

  • The fundamental re-positioning of Radio 1 and Radio 2
  • An enhanced commitment to, and investment in, digital radio
  • A re-adjustment of the remit of BBC local radio services
  • A reconsideration of the BBC’s approach to the cross-promotion of radio programming
  • The empowerment of the BBC Trust to ensure that all final proposals arising out of the Strategy Review are implemented effectively

Andrew Harrison, chief executive of RadioCentre, says: “The best of BBC Radio is among the finest in the world. However, BBC Radio also enjoys an extremely privileged position, and it is right to consider how it should continue to play its part in securing a thriving radio sector for all. This is a unique opportunity to shape our industry for the digital age and one w e cannot afford to mi ss. I believe that our recommendations will deliver top-quality BBC output, and we urge the Trust to prove itself as the cheerleader for the listener.”



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