Rainey Kelly chiefs play waiting game

In the advertising world, some agencies seem to have all the luck. Others are less fortunate. One such is Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe, whose two senior directors have had their holiday plans wrecked by the IRA.

MT Rainey was returning from a weekend in Miami last Monday, but because of the IRA bomb scares around London and its airports, she had to wait for ten hours on the runway at Gatwick before being allowed to disembark.

At the same time, Jim Kelly was driving to the same airport to set off on his own holiday, but the traffic ground to a standstill because of the security alert and he was forced to abandon his car in a ten-hour traffic jam. He had to postpone his holiday until two days later.

In a bizarre twist, Kelly has left express orders at his office that his holiday destination should not be revealed to the press. No doubt for fear that the paparazzi, armed with their telephoto lenses, will catch him frolicking on the beach and put him on the front page of The Sun.


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