Raising a glass to the nosy HEA

I am writing regarding your recent Iain Murray column “Mine’s a pint of bitter and twisted” (MW July 15). Iain, your pub would not be empty; I’ll be there, clean shaven and properly attired, to enjoy a half of mild – mind you fill the glass up – a packet of stale crisps and a rattling good game of dominoes.

After all, I’m a good citizen who appreciates all the wonderful advice issued by the HEA and its ilk, and wonders why someone hasn’t yet invented a “swipecard” system that not only verifies your age and identity, but prevents you from inadvertently exceeding your quota of alcohol units by logging purchases and sounding an alarm if the danger of excess consumption threatens.

And why stop at alcohol? Anything nanny says is bad for you should be subject to a quota system. It is much more fun these days to mind someone else’s business than allow them to mind their own.

Iain, may your pen never run dry.

Dr Christopher Flower




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