Rajars: Digital radio listening grows 11% after increased DAB take-up

Digital radio listening grew 11% over the past year, boosted by a 13% increase in people listening via DAB, according to the latest Rajar figures.

Q4 2009 Rajar data found the share of radio listening via digital platforms had increased 14% year on year, now accounting for 20.9% of all radio listening.

The increase was led by DAB radio, which accounts for 13.7% of all listening, while listening to radio via digital TV accounts for 3.4% and internet listening 2.1%.

The weekly reach of digital listening increased by 5% over the past year, with 17.1m people listening each week, but was down by 3% on the last quarter.

The total digital listening hours also dropped, to 206m hours in Q4 2009 from 213m hours in Q3 2009.

According to Rajar, listening to radio via mobile phones increased 7% year on year, with 6.7m people listening to mobile radio in Q4 2009.

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