Ralf shakes off hacks but not ennui

The Diary had a brush with fame this week as it went visor-to-visor with Germany’s second-best racing driver, Ralf Schumacher.

Journalists were invited to challenge Ralf in a virtual race around Silverstone, organised by Compaq. Ralf duly arrived, but his face suggested: “I’m contractually obliged to be here. Please don’t touch or talk to me.”

His icy Teutonic demeanour only cracked when his terminal crashed and he announced it was “kaput”. Sadly, no Formula One-style fires erupted inside the PC.

Needless to say Ralf gave the hacks a sound thrashing before leaving, probably to sunbathe on a yacht in Monte Carlo. Then again, the chances of any of us hacks winning were as remote as Ralf’s of beating his older, better brother to the Championship.


Coke in Red Devil distribution talks

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Coca-Cola is understood to be in talks to secure the global distribution rights to energy drink Red Devil. Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), the soft drink giant’s distribution arm, has already struck a deal to distribute the drink in the Netherlands. It could lead to Coca-Cola buying the Red Devil brand, raising questions about the future of […]

Manchester Games signs up Cadbury

Marketing Week

Cadbury has agreed to sponsor the troubled 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games. Under the terms of the sponsorship, the confectionery giant will be the sponsor of The Queen’s Baton Relay – the games’ equivalent of the Olympic Torch.


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