Rankin to launch Food and Travel magazine

Former publisher of BBC Good Food and BBC Holidays Gregor Rankin is launching a magazine called Food and Travel.

The monthly title, which goes on sale from December, will have an initial print run of 80,000, but Rankin says he expects circulation to settle at about 50,000. The cover price will be 2.50.

Food and Drink will mix restaurant reviews and dinner party-type recipes with travel features edited by Gill Williams, a travel broadcaster and writer.

Condé Nast launched Traveller magazine last month, with a circulation target of 70,000 to 80,000. Rankin says: “Traveller is aimed at super As, whereas we are looking more at ABs and the top C1s.

“I wish Traveller well, but I don’t feel confident that there is enough of a market for a travel title alone. But travel and food together are natural partners. We will be like Vogue Entertaining, an Australian title from Condé Nast.”

The title is the first major con-sumer initiative from Fox Publishing, which was set up two years ago. The company also publishes the Euro-sport series.


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