Ray Mears takes on Gio Compario

Ray Mears has become the latest celebrity to gang up on the weary warbling brand ambassador Gio Compario in the latest ad for GoCompare, as complaints about previous spots in the controversial series top 1,700.


The survival expert continues the campaign of torment aimed at the opera singer by capturing him in a net and suspending him from a tree.

The TV ad, which breaks today (1 October), will be supported by radio, digital and social media activity.

The previous two ads in the series, featuring Sue Barker and Stuart Pearce, have sparked 796 and 918 complaints respectively to the Advertising Standards Authority.

For the Sue Barker spot – which saw the Question of Sport presenter blast Compario with a rocket launcher – complainants challenged whether the ad was suitable to be broadcast when there is an ongoing war in Afghanistan. Viewers also argued the spot was excessively violent and inappropriate to be broadcast when children might be watching.

Stuart Pearce’s spot harked back to his England playing days as he kicked a football square into Compario’s stomach. Viewers complained that the act of violence could encourage emulation and was inappropriately aggressive.

Neither of the two ads have been formally formally investigated by the advertising watchdog.



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